Change What's Possible
Webinar Series

Virtual Event: “Accelerating IoT Device Software Development with Corellium”

Discover how Arm device virtualization can accelerate your software development lifecycles in our recent webinar hosted by Bill Neifert, SVP of Partnerships at Corellium, and special guest Eric Sondhi, Director of Marketing at Arm.

In our recent discussion, Bill and Eric delved into IoT software development flows and how a scalable, cloud-based methodology sped up DevOps tasks and significantly reduced costs compared to running device farms. Discover how integrations with cloud services such as GitHub Actions and AWS GreenGrass improved how IoT software was developed.

Date: Available On Demand

Change What's Possible is our ongoing series of events designed for mobile security professionals. During each session, members of the Corellium team will discuss how virtual devices can advance mobile cybersecurity research and testing.


Bill Neifert, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Corellium

Bill is the Senior Vice President in charge of partnerships at Corellium, which equips developers with the tools they need to advance the next generation of smart devices powered by Arm processors. Prior to joining Corellium, he was part of the Development Solutions Group at Arm where he managed the group’s marketing team. Bill joined Arm via the company’s acquisition of Carbon Design Systems where he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder.


Eric Sondhi, Senior Manager for Arm Virtual Hardware

Eric is the Senior Manager for Arm Virtual Hardware Go-To-Market in the IoT line of Business. Eric works with Arm's lead partners, SoC designers, and Software developers around the world to employ state-of-the-art simulation, modeling, and virtual prototype solutions for early SoC architecture and design, early software development, and system and software performance analysis.


Watch: Accelerating IoT Device Software Development with Corellium