Change What's Possible
Webinar Series

Virtual Event: “Automate Complex Tasks by Giving GPT-4 Control over Corellium’s API”

Join Corellium Chief Evangelist, Brian Robison, and guest speaker David Manouchehri from, for our first webinar of 2024. In this webinar, we had a little fun by giving GPT-4 control over Corellium’s OpenAPI endpoint to automate complex tasks using plain English! We walked through how to use Corellium’s API with Python, and then used OpenAI’s GPT-4 to instruct Corellium's OpenAPI endpoint to control a Corellium virtual phone. Finally, we showed how to automate this as a daily task using Google Cloud Run.

Date: Available On Demand

Change What's Possible is our ongoing series of events designed for mobile security professionals. During each session, members of the Corellium team will discuss how virtual devices can advance mobile cybersecurity research and testing.



Brian Robison, Chief Evangelist

Brian has over 25 years of cyber security experience, is an accomplished product executive, and is a sought-after speaker at industry events, including RSA, Black Hat, and ISC2 Think Tank. He is currently the VP of Product Marketing & Chief Evangelist at Corellium.


David Manouchehri, Director

David Manouchehri started his professional cybersecurity career half a decade ago after being recruited by the Department of National Defence. He has since worked for the startup Linchpin Labs (acquired by L3Harris Technologies), and started up his own company ( After becoming an independent security analyst consultant in 2020, he has found and disclosed half a dozen Chrome 0days. He now works on combining AI with real-world cybersecurity problems.

Watch: Automate Complex Tasks by Giving GPT-4 Control over Corellium’s API