Smart devices, cyber security, and shifting left. The risks from inaction are too great.

Smart devices are the new cyber security battlefront. Vulnerabilities lie within mobile apps themselves, exploited by attackers and malware. Enterprises are moving security practices and accountability further left, where apps are first developed.

DevOps Shift Lift Security

Ditch physical device labs and emulators.

It's time to eliminate physical device labs and ditch cloud lab providers.

  • They are very costly.
  • Very limited in device model and OS availability and combinations.
  • Extremely time-consuming to maintain and refresh between testing cycles.
  • Procuring and shipping physical devices wastes time and introduces risks.
  • Root access/jailbreak is needed for comprehensive testing and is not possible or very complicated for iOS.
  • Emulators don't run on Arm, lack security fidelity, require code mods, and lack needed tooling and APIs.
  • Batteries cannot support continuous use and pose safety risks.
  • The result is R&D takes longer and complexity leads to testing shortcuts and gaps.
Virtualize DevOps to Reduce Costs

Mobile virtualization opens the door for developer and security teams.

Corellium accelerates software development lifecycles with Arm-native virtual models and a powerful browser interface and APIs.

  • Easily spin-up endless combinations of device, OS and apps.
  • Single platform for iOS and Android, jailbreaks not required.
  • Use powerful built-in security tools and integrate with your existing developer, security, and DevOps tools.

Corellium enables more secure DevSecOps by simplifying the critical work of developer and security teams, and narrowing the cybersecurity skills gap.

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Streamline DevOps to accelerate R&D.

Streamline DevOps Mobile Devices

Integrate with CI/CD platforms.

Corellium virtual devices are purpose-built as drop-in replacements for physical devices to facilitate system integrations.