Advanced security tools

Perform vulnerability and exploit research with powerful OS kernel, file system, and network layer tools.

On-demand access

Spin up devices in no time and integrate them with your security tooling.

  • Select from the most comprehensive list of device and OS combos available, including betas.

  • Run, research, and test production code without modifications and recompiles.

  • Integrate other security tools and your workflows through our robust APIs.

  • Perform full-stack security research of mobile devices, OS and apps on a single platform.


Discovery and research

Gain visibility into the OS kernel, firmware functions, activity and subsystem I/O.

  • Seamlessly jailbreak or root any device, no need to rely on security vulnerabilities.

  • View system and kernel logs, and inspect file systems, system calls and network traffic - all in real time.

  • Easily install and run apps in our UI, run scripts and use debug tools like GDB and IDA through our pre-integrated Frida console.

  • Connect to your favorite HTTP proxy/monitor, forward ports, and enable and disable GPU acceleration.


Configuration and control

Setup ephemeral device states to replicate real-world environments.

  • Set battery charge level, health, connection type and status.

  • Set environment temperature, lighting, pressure and humidity.

  • Configure GPS location coordinates, altitude and time offset.

  • Modify acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic and orientation settings.


Kernel research

Use advanced tooling purpose-built for advanced security research and kernel debugging.

  • Upload custom kernels and device trees, and enable/disable kernel patches.

  • Pass boot arguments or boot from a custom ramdisk instead of from NAND.

  • Use iBoot to start the application processor instead of booting from the kernel.

  • Modify trust caches, set Device IDs, simulate PAC instructions and more.


Auditing and collaboration

Easily snapshot and clone device environments.

  • Pause and resume firmware and app operations to facilitate security research.

  • Save and restore device states to simplify reproducibility, record vulnerabilities, and perform audits.

  • Accelerate cross-team research, compliance testing, and researcher training.