Supercharge your mobile security research

Our revolutionary Arm virtualization platform combines high-fidelity virtual devices with powerful security tools.


Vulnerability research

The Corellium Arm virtualization platform provides never-before-possible security vulnerability research for iOS and Android phones with deep forensics and introspection tools. With its high accuracy, Arm-native model enables real platform vulnerability discovery and exploit validation. This is not an emulator or simulator — its Arm on Arm.

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Discover our built-in security tools

Corellium’s mobile security research platform is the first and only solution to offer virtualized iOS and Android devices. These virtual devices perform with native-like fidelity and speed, while also providing advanced capabilities that can’t be replicated on a physical device.


On-demand access

Spin up devices in no time and integrate them with your security tooling.

  • Select from the most comprehensive list of device and OS combos available, including betas.

  • Run, research, and test production code without modifications and recompiles.

  • Integrate other security tools and your workflows through our robust APIs.

  • Perform full-stack security research of mobile devices, OS and apps on a single platform.

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Discovery & research

Gain visibility into firmware functions, activity and subsystem I/O.

  • Seamlessly jailbreak or root any device, no need to rely on security vulnerabilities

  • View system and kernel logs, and inspect file systems, system calls and network traffic - all in real time.

  • Easily install and run apps in our UI, run scripts and use debug tools like GDB and IDA through our pre-integrated Frida console.

  • Connect to your favorite HTTP proxy/monitor, forward ports, and enable and disable GPU acceleration.

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Configuration & control

Setup ephemeral device states to replicate real-world environments.

  • Set battery charge level, health, connection type and status.

  • Set environment temperature, lighting, pressure and humidity.

  • Configure GPS location coordinates, altitude and time offset.

  • Modify acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic and orientation settings.

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Kernel research

Use advanced tooling purpose-built for advanced security researchers.

  • Upload custom kernels and device trees, and enable/disable kernel patches.

  • Pass boot arguments or boot from a custom ramdisk instead of from NAND.

  • Use iBoot to start the application processor instead of booting from the kernel.

  • Modify trust caches, set Device IDs, simulate PAC instructions and more.

Kernel section


Audit & compliance

Easily snapshot and clone device environments.

  • Pause and resume firmware and app operations to facilitate security research.

  • Save and restore device states to simplify reproducibility, record vulnerabilities, and perform audits.

  • Accelerate cross-team research, compliance testing, and researcher training.

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Research lab flexibility

Not all security labs and researchers have the same needs - we know, we’re their kind.

  • Our Corellium Cloud runs securely on AWS Graviton Arm servers, ready to go.

  • If you have a private AWS cloud deployment, we support that too.

  • And for onsite or air-gapped needs, Corellium Appliances let you entirely do your own thing.


Explore all security research tools

Tools for every occasion. Powerful features for the power user. Check out our general and kernel-specific device configuration features, as well as other handy utilities.