Explore the latest automotive Arm IP models

Corellium and Arm have teamed up to create Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH) to reinvent R&D for automotive.

  • Cloud-based servers avoid the complexity and cost of maintaining physical hardware.
  • Arm virtual devices execute orders of magnitude faster than traditional virtual models.
  • Functionally accurate models of complete SoCs execute the same binaries as real hardware.
Arm Virtual Hardware image 1

Extensible platform

The Corellium Virtual Hardware platform is based on our innovative Corellium Hypervisor for Arm (CHARM) technology and can support many types of Arm-powered device models.



Use our standard iOS and Android virtual device models.


Create custom extensions to our standard device models.


Develop entirely new virtual models of your own IoT devices.

Flexible deployment options


Onsite appliances

Corellium's on-site appliances use the latest Ampere Altra Arm servers. On-site servers can be airgapped for use in high-security locations.

Cloud service

Corellium's cloud service is hosted at AWS, using Amazon's Graviton Arm servers. Private AWS licenses are also supported.