Accelerating IoT Device Software Development with Corellium

Accelerating IoT Device Software Development with Corellium

As part of the Change What’s Possible webinar series, Bill Neifert spoke with Eric Sondhi, Senior Manager at Arm. He discussed the collaboration between Corellium and Arm to accelerate IoT device software development.

You can watch the full webinar right now or keep reading to learn more about the advances in software development and IoT device virtualization.

Challenges of Smart Devices and Software Development

IoT software development is a nightmare for R&D and security teams. The good news is that Arm processors already power most IoT devices, and when combined with Corellium technology, the process is simplified.

IoT devices greatly differ from mobile devices, complicating software development and security testing. Some of the barriers to virtual prototyping for software development of IoT devices include:

  • You can’t just run software designed for an IoT device on a laptop.
  • Typically, code modifications are required to make it work.
  • They run too slow; it can take up to 10 minutes to boot up a device.
  • The devices are tricky to maintain and costly.
  • Licenses can run between $10-$100k.
  • These devices won’t run constantly, and you can run into battery issues (overheating).
  • Devices get lost, broken, or bricked and become unusable.

Due to the constraints above, IoT software development is much slower than with mobile devices.

Modernizing IoT and Bringing it to the Cloud

The solution to the challenges of IoT software development: the cloud. This allows you to leverage cloud-based tools, workflows, methodologies, and APIs to control interfaces and debug faster, and easier.

Other benefits include scaling quickly and controlling costs and throughput. You can deploy worldwide, meaning scattered teams collaborate effortlessly and share information. The cloud also allows you to deploy OTA (over-the-air) updates effortlessly.

Innovative development in the cloud streamlines your efforts before, during, and years after silicon.

Features of Corellium Software Development

Corellium has excelled in mobile software development and security for over five years. Now, we are extending our capabilities to IoT software development for various devices, even custom boards. Essential features of the Corellium software development and security suite include:

  • A console window combined with a graphic display to test devices thoroughly.
  • You can connect the device to your network via SSH or VPN. The device appears on your network using a unique IP address.
  • You can trace the execution of any thread or process through the console.
  • Change settings for boot options, RAM, kernel, device tree, etc.
  • View any system console on your network.
  • Access the webcam, microphone, gyroscope, temperature, APIs, and all the other sensors on the device.
  • Create snapshots (moments in time) to share or restore to a point in time.

Arm & Corellium: An IoT Solution

A collaboration between Corellium and Arm makes IoT software development much faster and easier. Corellium integrates seamlessly with AWS and GitHub, allowing you to accelerate your workflows and update code on the fly.

Most IoT devices include a companion mobile app, making simultaneous software development essential. Combining Arm technology with the Corellium platform affords you the following benefits:

  • Instant virtual devices.
  • Simplified deployment.
  • Instant onboarding and control.
  • Powerful tooling.
  • Enhanced collaboration.
  • Quicker feedback.
  • Easier patching.
  • Scalable performance.
  • Virtual devices run faster than real devices and boot in seconds.
  • Runs the same binaries, no modifications needed, same pathways.
  • The $1.50/hour SaaS payment model is very cost-efficient.
  • Cloud-native runs and scales efficiently in the cloud (AWS).
  • Suitable for all IoT workloads
  • There are no dependencies on RTL or silicon availability.

The result: faster-to-market and more secure devices. We already have many CDK device models available today. The Corellium IoT Device DevOps solution provides a perfect virtual functional representation of the actual physical hardware for better development and security testing.

Watch the full webinar on-demand to learn more about accelerating IoT software development.