We run on Arm, others don’t.

We pioneered Arm device virtualization for real-world mobile app penetration testing.

Ditch device labs and emulators.

Stop asking your mobile app developers to manage endless physical device and OS version combinations.

  • Replace costly, incomplete, and undependable physical device labs or cloud farms.

  • Achieve Arm-native performance, accuracy and device behavior that emulators can’t.

  • Run production code and eliminate code modifications and recompiles.

  • Enable never-before-possible security testing without the jailbreak hassle.


Get real-world results.

Run your tests on Arm-native device virtualization, not emulation or simulation.

  • Select from a comprehensive list of mobile device and OS combos available, including beta releases.

  • Control sensors like battery, GPS, and the environment to simulate real-world conditions.

  • Play video and screen record at native FPS through native hardware and GPU acceleration.


Use advanced security testing tools.

View system and kernel logs, and browse file systems.

  • Monitor system calls and network traffic - all in real time.

  • Easily install and run apps and programs directly in our UI.

  • Pause and resume device operations to facilitate security testing.

  • Run scripts and use debug tools like GDB and IDA through our pre-integrated Frida console.

  • Connect to iOS devices via XCode, Finder, or libimobile script.

  • Connect to Android devices via ADB or from your IDE.


Automate security testing.

Use our APIs to script device creation, configuration, and testing matrices.

  • Automate file, app, and script installation and execution.

  • Integrate with Github, Flank, CircleCI, and others to run parallel tests at scale.

  • Use Corellium as a drop-in replacement for physical devices and emulators.


Accelerate manual testing and collaboration.

Get up and running quickly with our advanced features.

  • Snapshot and clone device states to simplify reproducibility, record bugs, and audit test procedures.

  • Use project team functionality to allow admins to manage projects, resources, and permissions for specific users and teams.

  • Accelerate cross-team testing, compliance adherence, and developer training.


Powerful Built-in Tools

Tools for every occasion. Powerful features for the power user. Check out our general and kernel-specific device configuration features, as well as other handy utilities.