We run on Arm, others don’t.

We pioneered Arm device virtualization.

Smart device R&D is full of challenges

IoT devices are powered by Arm processors. They can’t run and test software on a laptop and require maintaining costly device labs.

  • Devices get broken, lost, and bricked
  • Batteries not made to run constantly, safety risk
  • Inefficient to ship for remote work
  • Difficult to attach tools and automate, complicated to do basic testing and security work
  • Hardware must be ready before software work can begin; delays time to market while teams wait

IoT Device & Companion Mobile App Virtualization

Corellium accelerates software development lifecycles with Arm-native virtual models and powerful tools and APIs.

  • Easily spin-up endless combinations of device models and firmware versions.
  • A single platform for both IoT device software and mobile app development and testing.
  • Integrate with your existing developer, security, and DevOps tools.

Virtualize your device

Our extensive library includes hundreds of peripherals and support for nearly every Arm processor.  A virtualized model of your Arm device may be easier than you'd think.

  • Virtualization for most Cortex A, R and M processors

  • Peripheral and sensor models for most popular interfaces and integration needs

  • Ability to incorporate existing models for non-Arm processors and compute elements

  • Experienced modeling team to add new models or create and customize devices

Ditch device labs and emulators

Stop asking your customers and app developers to manage endless physical device and OS version combinations.

  • Replace costly, incomplete, and undependable physical device labs or cloud farms.
  • Achieve Arm-native performance, accuracy and device behavior that emulators can’t. Virtualized IoT devices often run much faster than the physical devices they represent!
  • Run production code and eliminate code modifications and recompiles.
  • Enable testing with the kind of scale that only the cloud can offer.

Virtualize DevOps to accelerate software R&D