A groundbreaking platform to advance your work on Arm

We ensure developers and engineers are well-equipped to research, work and test on Arm-based technologies.

The best of both worlds

The accuracy, fidelity and performance of real devices combined with the scale, efficiency, and convenience of the cloud.

Hundreds of devices, ready to boot

Select from a variety of device models and OS versions for iOS and Android.

Ultimate device configuration features

General and kernel specific device configuration features, as well as other handy features.

Bring your own custom models

Our device modeling solution enables accurate, performant testing as you develop new hardware and firmware.

Create a new device

Groundbreaking technology

From advanced security research to mobile app testing, our technology empowers pioneering advancements in the Arm ecosystem.

The only hypervisor designed specifically to virtualize mobile devices

Other hypervisors run on Arm, but they weren't originally built for Arm. They were built to virtualize servers rather than mobile devices. Corellium's hypervisor was designed with the quirks of mobile devices in mind to handle complex peripherals and chip architectures.

Transparent 32-bit translation for Android

Corellium's Arm2Arm feature provides transparent 32-bit translation for Android, so that developers can run apps with 32-bit libraries on server hardware without 32-bit silicon without making any modifications to their code.

Realistic, highly performant interaction and visual display

Our focus being fidelity, Corellium's hypervisor provides hardware-accelerated H.264 / H.265 compression and GPU support with OpenGL ES pass-through. Our proprietary WebRTC implementation re-encodes display for ultra-smooth rendering.

Sophisticated container technology

Our hypervisor has the flexibility to run not only virtual devices but also containerized applications. Our container technology uniquely runs LXC-style Android containers on Android, sharing services to enable greater resource density for use cases like application streaming.

Ability to plug simulated hardware into virtual devices

The Corellium hypervisor CoreHDL feature enables developers to plug their own simulated hardware into virtual devices for hardware design, verification and bringup.

Performance out of the box

Corellium offers turnkey, out-of-the-box software, as well as a deeply customizable platform, resulting in rich native-like experiences, sophisticated rendering and smooth graphics.

API Documentation

Documentation and reference for our platform API.


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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about devices and your data.

You can virtualize generic Android devices with AOSP versions 7 - 12, as well as a variety of iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, from the iPhone 6 through the iPhone 13, with any supported version for the specified model from 10.3 through the latest. We typical support new OS releases and devices within a few weeks of availability.

Corellium does not collect any information from inside customer virtual machines, nor from any network traffic on customer project networks. All virtual device data is encrypted at rest, with the keys only known to the main database and, temporarily, to the particular compute node responsible for running the virtual device when it is running.

Active devices are devices in the On state. They occupy both CPU cores and storage. When you turn a device Off, it becomes Stored. It will still occupy storage, but no longer occupy CPU cores. Monthly subscriptions provide a specified number of active device slots, and for each active device slot, you get 5 storage slots. Usage-based subscriptions are priced per hour per active device or per day per stored device.

When a virtual device is deleted, it is securely erased, and all device data is immediately erased in S3. Device metadata, such as the name of the device and the OS version, is stored in backups, which are regularly deleted. When a user deletes an account, all devices in that account are erased, and we only preserve analytics data restricted to account subscription and account deletion.

Corellium has a strict vetting process to ensure that our platform is exclusively used for legitimate and lawful purposes. Individuals, organizations, and people in countries that are sanctioned by the US government are not eligible to sign-up for Corellium. Additionally, we have never sold any devices or services to clients that are known or suspected of developing tools used in hacking campaigns against ordinary citizens, journalists, or activists, and will never do so.

Yes. Billions of IoT devices have drastically increased the demand for scalable and advanced security testing tools. That's why we’re offering custom device modeling services to IoT vendors, to create custom virtual models of everything from routers to smart speakers.

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