Smart devices run on Arm. Corellium does, too.

Unlike servers and desktops that run on Intel x86 processors, nearly 95% of smartphones and IoT devices are powered by Arm processors.

We built a unique hypervisor, the Corellium Hypervisor for Arm (CHARM), to run virtual Arm devices on Arm servers.

Developer and security teams can now run phone and IoT apps on Arm-powered development servers to revolutionize how they are built and tested.


Smart device virtualization opens the door for developer and security teams.

Corellium accelerates software development lifecycles with Arm-native virtual models and a powerful browser interface and APIs.

  • Easily spin up any combination of device, OS, and apps.
  • Instant root access for iOS and Android, jailbreaks not required.
  • Use powerful built-in security tools and integrate with your existing developer, security and DevOps tools.

Corellium enables more secure DevSecOps by simplifying the critical work of developer and security teams, and narrowing the cyber security skills gap.

Enterprises are moving security practices and accountability further left, where apps are first developed.


Faster R&D  ·  Lower Costs  ·  Better Security

Corellium Virtual Hardware

The R&D platform for the next generation of devices.