Change What's Possible Webinar Series

Virtual Event: “Introducing Corellium’s Automated Mobile App Security Testing”

Watch the latest Change What’s Possible webinar, “Introducing Corellium’s Automated Mobile App Security Testing,” hosted by Brian Robison and Steven Smiley.

Learn about the future of security with Corellium’s latest innovation, Automated Mobile App Security Testing (MAST), now integrated into our Virtual Hardware platform.

This new functionality is designed to simplify and accelerate the work of mobile security testing by automating many of the mundane tests required in every app pen test. Aligned to the current OWASP MASTG, this new functionality will allow teams to be more efficient in repeated testing and allow them to focus on deeper and more complex vulnerability discovery. Once these tests are complete, the results are compiled into an easily identifiable report that allows teams to quickly identify, assess impact and address potential threats to their mobile applications.

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Change What's Possible is our ongoing series of events designed for mobile security professionals. During each session, members of the Corellium team will discuss how virtual devices can advance mobile cybersecurity research and testing.


Chief Evangelist, Brian Robison

Brian has over 25 years of cyber security experience, is an accomplished product executive, and is a sought-after speaker at industry events, including RSA, Black Hat, and ISC2 Think Tank. He is currently the VP of Product Marketing & Chief Evangelist at Corellium.

Product Marketing Manager, Steven Smiley

Steven has over ten years of mobile penetration testing and mobile AppSec experience. He earned a degree in computer security and investigations from Fleming College and holds two SANS certifications for mobile security and mobile forensics (GMOB & GASF). Before joining the Corellium team, Steven worked as an independent consultant for various companies and pen testing projects.

Watch: Introducing Mobile App Security Testing Automation