Corellium with AI

Automate Complex Tasks by Giving GPT-4 Control over Corellium’s API
Corellium with AI

The webinar “Automate Complex Tasks by Giving GPT-4 Control over Corellium’s API” presented by David Manouchehri goes over how to leveraging GPT-4 and GPT-4V(ision) with Corellium for automating tasks. It covers three key applications:

1. Natural Language Communication with Corellium’s API: Setting up the environment to facilitate this, including Python script ( preparation.

2. Input Fuzzing with GPT-4V Feedback: Using random inputs and screenshot analysis to achieve specific application states, utilizing Corellium for device management and GPT-4V for screenshot evaluations (

3. Nightly Testing with GPT-4V Feedback: Implementing nightly app functionality checks running on Google Cloud Run, with AWS SES for sending email updates based on test results (

The webinar provides practical insights into integrating AI with virtual Corellium devices for testing automation and monitoring. The full code is available here.