Corellium with AI

Automate Complex Tasks by Giving GPT-4 Control over Corellium’s API
Corellium with AI

The webinar “Automate Complex Tasks by Giving GPT-4 Control over Corellium’s API” presented by David Manouchehri goes over how to leverage GPT-4 and GPT-4V(ision) with Corellium for automating tasks. It covers three key applications:

1. Natural Language Communication with Corellium’s API: Setting up the environment to facilitate this, including Python script ( preparation.

2. Input Fuzzing with GPT-4V Feedback: Using random inputs and screenshot analysis to achieve specific application states, utilizing Corellium for device management and GPT-4V for screenshot evaluations (

3. Nightly Testing with GPT-4V Feedback: Implementing nightly app functionality checks running on Google Cloud Run, with AWS SES for sending email updates based on test results (

The webinar provides practical insights into integrating AI with virtual Corellium devices for testing automation and monitoring. Learn about natural language communication, input fuzzing, and nightly testing using Corellium. 

Watch the webinar and access the code for practical insights on integrating Corellium and AI for effective testing automation. The full code is available here.