Corellium for education & training

Corellium gives educational institutions, professors, and trainers a powerful platform to teach computer science and software development without physical devices. Spin up virtual iOS and Android devices and use Corellium’s built-in research and teaching tools, all accessible through simple browsers for teachers and students.

Embrace the future of virtual learning

Power your virtual learning experiences with Corellium. As virtual and hybrid teaching evolves, so should hands-on learning.

Unfortunately when it comes to teaching software development and cybersecurity on mobile devices, it involves using real iPhones and Android phones and tablets, which are a challenge for both educational institutions and students to overcome. Until now. The future of mobile is developing on Corellium.

Offer new courseware

Corellium virtual devices are a drop-in replacement for physical devices, integrating seamlessly with existing curricula. And if you don’t currently offer mobile security and research courses, imagine the possibilities. Corellium offers mobile security training classes of its own to help you on your way. Feel free to take our classes, and then contact us for potential use of our syllabi and materials to create or jumpstart your own courseware.

Limitless teachings on virtual phones

Corellium provides a powerful and polished user interface with built-in teaching tools for root access, app forensics, file system manipulation, Frida instrumentation, network traffic analysis, and much more. Corellium's comprehensive API and USBFlux technology streamlines integration with leading development, security, and educational tools — such as Xcode, Android Studio, IDA Pro, Burp Suite, Charles Proxy, and more.

Provide teachers and students with the powerful built-in tools


On-demand access

Skip the setup process and start teaching immediately with pre-built device snapshots and cloning abilities so each student gets their own workspace.


Simplify teaching and learning

Easily train every student on the same device image and configuration, regardless of class size, and reset devices to original configurations with a few clicks.


Lower your costs

Remove the overhead of providing and managing physical devices with a platform that requires only a web browser for both teachers and students.


Train on any version

Provide app development and security training on both iOS and Android with a near-limitless combination of device models and OS versions.


Eliminate physical phones

Give each student a virtual device to work with so you no longer need to worry about physical devices.


Provide root access

Teach at the system, file, app, and network layers with the only solution that provides both instant jailbreak and root access for iOS and Android.

A better program begins with Corellium


Bridge the virtual learning gap

Enhance your online cybersecurity courses with a flexible solution that provides students with hands-on learning previously only available in the classroom or in-person lab.

Eliminate the need and expense of physical devices in the teaching environment
Integrate seamlessly into your existing virtual learning curriculum
Manage and oversee student progress with intuitive workspace management tools

Build a better foundation

Help computer science students develop a deeper understanding of mobile cybersecurity through virtual environments that perform with real-world fidelity and conditions.

Create, configure, and clone devices for students with a few clicks
Enable teacher and student real-time collaboration and assistance
Create cyber ranges to let students experiment with mobile vulnerability detection, malware, and mitigation

Certified knowledge

Whether you're training staff as an employer, as a vendor, or for a certification, leverage a solution that supports collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.

Teach static and dynamic app security testing (SAST and DAST)
Train personnel with both offensive and defensive cyber programs
Introduce trainees to CERT, digital forensics, compliance, and more

Resources for security educators & instructors

Information to help you get started with Corellium

Education Solution Brief
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A template for better education

Corellium allows you to do more than simply provide your students with mobile devices — it equips them with the ability to truly explore and apply their knowledge.


Application development

Allow students to learn about mobile platforms and practice software coding with powerful, built-in developer and security testing tools.


Penetration testing

Inject artificial vulnerabilities into your virtual devices and actively probe their security features as you teach students the ins and outs of pentesting.


Cyber security

Enhance learning experiences with hands-on capture-the-flag exercises, vulnerability discovery, known exploit analysis, and more.