FOR518: Mac and iOS Forensic Analysis and Incident Response

FOR518 provides the techniques and skills necessary to take on any Mac or iOS case without hesitation. The intense hands-on forensic analysis and incident response skills taught in the course will enable analysts to broaden their capabilities and gain the confidence and knowledge to comfortably analyze any Mac or iOS device. In addition to traditional investigations, the course presents intrusion and incident response scenarios to help analysts learn ways to identify and hunt down attackers that have compromised Apple devices.

SEC568: Combating Supply Chain Attacks with Product Security Testing

Think Red, Act Blue - Attackers are using new methods of compromising software supply chains that bypass traditional security controls across multiple attack surfaces. SEC568 offers comprehensive training, equipping you with the technical expertise to conduct precise product security assessments and risk analysis. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to protect your digital assets in a rapidly changing threat landscape. Course includes using Corellium for providing virtual Android devices to students.

SEC575: iOS and Android App Security Analysis and Penetration Testing

SEC575 will prepare you to effectively evaluate the security of iOS and Android mobile devices, assess and identify flaws in mobile applications, and conduct a mobile device penetration test, which are all critical skills required to protect and defend mobile device deployments. You will learn how to pen test the biggest attack surface in your organization; dive deep into evaluating mobile apps and operating systems and their associated infrastructure; and better defend your organization against the onslaught of mobile device attacks.