Supercharge your mobile security research

Our revolutionary cloud-based research environment combines high-fidelity virtual devices with powerful integrated tools.

Designed for advanced security research

Corellium’s mobile security research platform is the first and only solution to offer virtualized iOS and Android devices. These virtual devices perform with native-like fidelity and speed, while also providing advanced capabilities that can’t be replicated on a physical device.

Set up in no time

Set up in no time

Spin up devices on demand and integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows.

Reduce setup time with instant access to the devices you need

Automate your workflows with robust APIs

Eliminate the need for recompiling by testing on Arm

Discover our built-in tools

Discover our built-in tools

Conveniently integrated tools let you analyze network traffic, explore system calls, load apps, and browse the filesystem.

Advance your capabilities with leading-edge tools

Offload to the cloud to keep resources free on your local machine

Trust the technology you use

Trust the technology you use

Our virtual devices run on Arm for accurate, reliable research.

Get the speed and accuracy of a real device

Scale and grow with the convenience of the cloud

Bring your own custom devices