We run on Arm, others don’t

We pioneered Arm device virtualization for real-world mobile app security testing.

Ditch device labs and emulators

Stop asking your security teams to manage endless physical device and OS combinations.

  • Replace costly, incomplete, and undependable physical device labs or cloud farms.

  • Achieve Arm-native performance, accuracy and device behavior that emulators can’t.

  • Run production code and eliminate code modifications and recompiles that emulators often require.

  • Enable never-before-possible dynamic app security testing (DAST).

Dynamic app security testing (DSAT); iOS pentest

Save valuable time

Eliminate the mundane aspects of pentesting with our purpose-built tooling.

  • Spin-up device models and OSs on-demand, including beta releases, with one-click jailbreak/root access.

  • Use pre-integrated functionality like filesystem read-write, SSH, FRIDA, and Cydia.

  • Easily control sensors like battery, GPS, and motion sensors to simulate real-world conditions.

  • Snapshot and clone device states to simplify reproducibility, record bugs, and audit test procedures.

Frida; Advanced security tools for mobile app penetration testing

Use advanced security tools

Our security tools are purpose-built by security experts.

  • Easily monitor and trace system calls and processes.

  • Enable real-time traffic monitoring with network interception tooling.

  • Bypass mobile security controls, certificate pinning, jailbreak and root detection.

  • Simplify iOS and Android reverse engineering and mobile app patching.

  • Use usbmux-compatible tools with our virtual devices as drop-in replacements for physical phones with our USBFlux utility.
Automate security testing with mobile app pen testing

Automate security testing

Accelerate AppSec testing and compliance checks with automated test reports.

  • Quickly and consistently generate reports for iOS and Android apps as often as needed.

  • Add Continuous Security Testing to your software DevSecOps pipelines.

  • Integrate with Github, Flank, CircleCI, and others to run parallel tests at scale.

  • Use our APIs or Terraform provider to automate device creation, configuration, and testing matrices.
Screenshot of mobile app security test through Corellium

Increase team efficiency

Our business solutions streamline security and developer team processes.

  • Snapshot and share virtual devices across teams to accelerate collaboration and remediation.

  • Use project team functionality to allow admins to manage projects, resources, and permissions for specific users and teams.

  • Enable more effective, hands-on mobile security team training.

Powerful built-in tools with iOS pentest

Powerful built-in tools

We've built and integrated tools for power users and for every occasion. And we're always adding more.

Test lab flexibility

Not all security labs and testers have the same needs - we know, Corellium is built by security experts for security experts.

Onsite appliances with Corellium server

Onsite appliances

On-site Corellium server and desktop appliances use the latest Arm processors. Appliances can be air-gapped for use in high-security locations.

Corellium Cloud service hosted on AWS

Cloud service

The Corellium cloud service is hosted on AWS, using Amazon's Graviton Arm servers. Private AWS-based solutions are also available.