Advanced security research for government 

Virtualize iOS, Android, and custom IoT devices and apps to support your security research and penetration testing needs.

Accelerate R&D with virtual devices

Corellium is the world’s most powerful virtual hardware platform for Arm-powered devices. It has been adopted by federal, state, and local government agencies and service providers around the world.

Security vulnerability research

The Corellium Virtual Hardware platform provides never-before-possible security vulnerability research for iOS and Android with deep forensics and introspection tools. Its high accuracy, Arm-native models enable real security vulnerability discovery and exploit validation. This is not an emulator or simulator — it’s Arm on Arm.

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App penetration testing

The Corellium platform not only virtualizes devices for static and dynamic application security testing (SAST and DAST), but includes a powerful suite of built-in tools to simplify OS, app, data, and network analysis and introspection.

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Stay ahead of cyber threats

Strengthen your defensive cybersecurity capabilities with in-depth research, forensics, and analysis. Discover vulnerabilities and exploits before the bad actors do.


Instant root access

Easily jailbreak/root iOS and Android, including latest versions and beta releases.


Advanced research

Examine vulnerabilities with powerful debugging, device state, and runtime hooking functionality.


High fidelity testing

Leverage Arm-native models through high accuracy and fidelity virtualization, not emulation.


Dynamic testing

Analyze, trace, and log encrypted application traffic with built-in network monitoring tools.


Deep introspection

Assess software at the lowest levels with powerful OS, app, file, system call, and network tooling.


Tools integration

Use with your favorite debugger and reverse engineering tools such as Frida, IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, Burp Suite through a comprehensive REST API.

Push your R&D forward

Revolutionize and accelerate R&D on iOS, Android and IoT devices through hardware virtualization.

workspace security

Workspace security

Manage and support your teams and their workflows through a centralized server solution that unlocks collaboration while providing visibility and control.


Eliminate desktop-based R&D that is decentralized and poses security and compliance risks.


Eliminate physical device procurement and risks by allocating virtual hardware resources to specific teams with user and project workspace management tools.


Quickly create and deploy pre-configured virtual devices across users and teams with one-click device snapshot, restore, and cloning functionality.


Simplify onboarding, role-based access (RBAC), and offboarding through centralized administration.


Sandbox with network isolated virtual hardware for safer threat analytics and malware detonation.


Government proven

Corellium technology has been extensively government battle-tested, designed from its inception to meet the most stringent security and compliance needs.


Numerous U.S. and international agencies rely on Corellium virtualization technology for their critical security, compliance, and privacy research work.


Maintain security compliance with a completely on-site and air gapped solution. The Corellium platform is available as pre-configured, Arm-powered server appliances for centralized management and control.


A single platform can support all Arm device virtual workloads, and enable defensive and offensive (CNE and CNO) research, exercises, and cyber range programs.


The Corellium virtual hardware platform is an excellent hands-on teaching platform for developing security skillets and best-practices, all through simple browsers.


Extensible platform

The Corellium Virtual Hardware platform is based on our innovative Corellium Hypervisor for Arm (CHARM) technology and can support many types of Arm-powered device models:


Use our standard iOS and Android virtual device models


Create custom extensions to our standard device models


Develop entirely new virtual models of your own IOT devices

Discover a powerful virtual R&D platform

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