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Corellium for Journalists
To help protect and promote the basic human right of freedom of the press, we’ve made Corellium free for journalists and human rights defenders.
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Corellium recognizes the essential role journalism plays in defending and advancing freedom, justice, and equality around the world. But to tell important stories, journalists often face real threats to their safety and security.
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.”
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Online Training and Testing
Simplify your newsroom training and testing with our virtual iOS and Android devices. Spin up the devices you need on demand, upload your apps with the click of a button, and collaborate with colleagues around the world.
Online Training and Testing
Safe Environment for Research
Safely test unknown links or suspected malware in our sandboxed virtual environment. Our advanced integrated tools make it easy to browse the filesystem or monitor traffic and system calls for suspicious activity.
Safe Environment for Research
Anonymized Communication
Need a temporary ephemeral device? Simply upload an app like Signal or WhatsApp into your virtual device, message like you would on your physical phone, and delete the device when you're done. All device data is immediately and securely erased on deletion. Read the blog post.
Anonymized Communication
The Washington Post used Corellium for research on scam apps in the iOS App Store.
“Its high ranking, though, appears to come from a coding trick that exploits a bug in Apple’s ratings system. The code in the Fire TV app forces users to rate the app, blocking the user’s ability to click on anything but four or five stars. The coding trick and bug was discovered using software created by Corellium, a company that makes security research tools.”
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The Washington Post used Corellium for research on scam apps in the iOS App Store.
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