Virtual iOS devices, built to scale

Corellium iOS device models may be non-jailbroken or jailbroken to facilitate security research and testing.

Spin up an iPhone in minutes

Select from a variety of iPhone models and iOS versions to accelerate full stack testing of your mobile app.

Plug and Play

In Corellium's cloud environment with a running VPN, you can connect to your jailbroken iPhone over SSH, Console or even USB.

Integrate with Xcode

As part of your iOS testing and development processes, you may wish to use Xcode with your virtual iOS-based devices.

Test Third-Party iOS Apps

Independent investigative research of third-party apps is an important and widespread practice that substantially contributes to the safety and security of end users. Here's how to do it with Corellium.

Ultimate mobile device security tools

Advanced tools and kernel manipulation features for security research and testing not possible with physical devices or emulators.

Powered by CHARM™

CHARM™ is our custom type-1 hypervisor designed to run multiple complex devices, peripherals and chipsets on a single, cutting-edge Arm server, allowing us to virtualize devices on their native architecture.

Instant, seamless jailbreaking

On iOS, a jailbreak is typically a third party program that uses a string of vulnerabilities to achieve root access. But because Corellium controls the whole software stack, we don't need to use vulnerabilities to gain root access: we can simply build root access in. This means you get reliable access to untethered jailbroken environments across all models and versions, typically within days of release, without the need to use tools that withhold vulnerabilities from the vendor. For convenience, all our jailbroken devices come pre-installed with Cydia, a third-party app store, to enable researchers to instrument and inspect code on the device in ways that aren't possible in a non-jailbroken environment.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about virtual iOS devices.

Due to lack of GPU (Metal) support, certain applications are not able to launch. This includes the native Maps, Watch, and Find My Friends apps. In addition, this will cause certain elements of the UI to render improperly. For example, components of the Notes and Reminders apps will not appear, and the background of the multi-tasking view may go blank.

We currently support SMS simulation, Biometrics, Location and Motion for iOS. Cellular calls, Camera, NFC, and Bluetooth are not currently supported, but check back soon!

Corellium does not support logging into an iCloud account or downloading apps from the App Store.

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