DevicesChoose your Android frame

Choose your Android frame

Our Android models are based on Ranchu, a virtual Android system-on-chip, and are rooted with permissive SELinux enforcement.

Spin up an Android in minutes

Select from a variety of Android frames and AOSP versions to accelerate full stack testing of your mobile app.

Plug and Play

In Corellium's cloud environment with a running VPN, you can connect to your Android device over Console, GDB or ADB.

Integrate with Android Studio

As part of your Android testing and development processes, you may wish to use Android Studio with your virtual Android devices.

Find hooks with Frida

You can use Frida to find hooks in Android applications. Let's see how a security product can provide an "encryption" layer at rest for Android applications.

Ultimate mobile device security tools

Advanced tools and kernel manipulation features for security research and testing not possible with physical devices or emulators.

Powered by CHARM™

CHARM™ is our custom type-1 hypervisor designed to run multiple complex devices, peripherals and chipsets on a single, cutting-edge Arm server, allowing us to virtualize devices on their native architecture.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about virtual Android devices.

We currently support Android versions 7 -> 12.

We currently support Battery, Camera, Environment, Location and Motion peripherals on Android devices. Bluetooth and TrustZone features (including Keymaster, PlayReady, and WideVine) are not currently supported.

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