Change What's Possible
Webinar Series

Virtual Event: “Mobile Vulnerabilities Exposed: Data in Transit”

Change What's Possible is our ongoing series of events designed for mobile security professionals. During each session, members of the Corellium team will discuss how virtual devices can advance mobile cybersecurity research and testing.

The third installment of our series, “Mobile Vulnerabilities Exposed: Data in Transit,” is now available on demand. Our host, VP of Product Marketing, Brian Robison, and guest speaker Corellium Researcher, Steven Smiley, discuss how to capture mobile app network traffic and analyze data in transit.  

He also demonstrates how to integrate your virtual device with intercepting proxies like Burp Suite, and how to defeat certificate pinning through Corellium's Network Monitor.

Date: Available on Demand



Chief Evangelist, Brian Robison

Brian has over 25 years of cybersecurity experience, is an accomplished product executive, and is a sought-after speaker at industry events, including RSA, Black Hat, and ISC2 Think Tank. He is currently the VP of Product Marketing & Chief Evangelist at Corellium.

Watch: “Mobile Vulnerabilities Exposed: Data in Transit”