Contributor Program

Create original content to share with the security and developer communities and get paid for it!


About the program

The Corellium Contributor Program invites appsec and developer professionals with relevant knowledge and skills to create content to share with the community. Join us in our mission to create safer and more secure software for Arm-powered mobile and IoT devices.

We’re looking for experienced and proficient technical writers eager to share their knowledge.

It’s a plus if you have experience in authoring technical content, and you’re familiar with the editorial process (i.e. you can handle receiving feedback on your work and make revisions).

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What we’re looking for

Share your work! We’re looking for content focused on mobile and IoT security testing and software development that will help others in the community solve problems, troubleshoot issues, and create more secure software and hardware.

Topic examples

What you could write about.


Mobile vulnerability research


Mobile app pentesting


Mobile malware and threat research


IoT device R&D


Integrating Corellium with other tools

Content examples

How you could format it.




Demo/How-To Videos




Webinar content


Courseware content

Content guidelines

Some rules around how we publish.


Content should reference Corellium tools and other tools used as appropriate. If third party tools are cited, please include links to their websites.


Content will be published by and branded with “Corellium”, using company-provided templates, and can be attributed to the contributor (if the contributor desires).

Exclusive content

Due to copyright restrictions, we can’t reuse content that’s been published elsewhere, so that incudes AI-generated content.


Corellium will compensate contributors based on the framework listed below. This is only a guideline, and each engagement will be evaluated before work commences to agree upon appropriate payment that’s a win-win for everyone.

Written content 1,000-2000 words, video content 1-5 minutes, demonstrates high level of subject matter expertise.

Article, Tutorial
$500 - $1500

Written content under 1,000 words, video content under 1 minute, demonstrates subject matter expertise.

$250 - $500

Updates to content.

Docs, Videos
$50 - $150

How it works

The process is fairly straightforward, however we may change it from time to time. Even if you’ve published with us before, it’s a good idea to read through how our Contributor Program works before submitting ideas.

  1. Use the Form below to apply to the program. You’ll need basic contact information, plus details about your proposed topic, a brief outline, and if it’s your first submission with us, at least one writing sample that you feel represents your writing skills and technical knowledge.
    We publish original, first-run content under a Creative Commons license.
  2. Once approved, it’s time to create your content. When it’s ready, submit a draft of your content for approval.
  3. Our editors will review your work for style, grammar, completeness, and technical accuracy, and provide feedback.
  4. Revise your work based on our notes. We want to ensure that everything checks out from a technical perspective, makes sense for the Corellium brand, and will help the community become more proficient.
  5. We’ll send payment and publish your article. You may see it promoted across our social channels, web pages, and so on. Please feel free to share it on your own as well.
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