Major Cybersecurity Services Firm Works with Corellium

Big business and governments rely on this global cybersecurity services firm, and this firm relies on Corellium.
Major Cybersecurity Services Firm Works with Corellium

A cybersecurity services provider turned to Corellium and its unique capabilities to support their diverse security testing project needs for mobile platforms and the wider embedded device ecosystem.

The firm is a leader in their field. They work with global technology companies, critical infrastructure and government agencies, manufacturers, major banks, and retailers on sensitive data security projects.

Big names across the public and private sectors worldwide rely upon this services firm, and this firm relies upon Corellium.

The Challenge of Deploying Mobile and Embedded Systems Testing for Major Industries

The firm’s requirements spanned mobile forensics, malware analysis, application security, and general mobile platform research. To meet their needs, they discovered that Corellium is the only vendor that has technology that delivers the scalability, reliability and on-premises options they required. Time and time again, security testers at the world’s top tech companies use Corellium. Corellium’s robust security testing tooling and extensive iOS, Android and IoT device virtualization support make it an essential platform in the cybersecurity testing space.

The Comprehensive Solution

The services provider needed to maintain strict end-customer confidentiality. To do so, they opted for Corellium’s on-site solutions in a variety of configurations to support different customer projects.

The firm works closely with Corellium to ensure its product roadmap reflects the future needs of the cybersecurity industry. This collaboration has resulted in various enterprise level features being developed as well as device-level functionality to enable the successful delivery of the firm’s security services. The business partnership also included the custom development of new virtual device models to support IoT device testing.

“Corellium is the only vendor that has the technology that delivers the scalability, reliability, and on-premises options they required.”

The Results

The value the firm realized from the use of Corellium include:

• A virtualization platform with built-in instrumentation without the need to jailbreak/root devices, allowing as close to real-world environments as possible.

• A scalable, centralized platform enabling secure off-line working without the need to maintain RF shielding and associated constraints.

• The ability to collaborate with Corellium on product roadmaps resulting in the development of new functionality to meet their needs.

The firm is especially excited about the ability to support custom IoT device models with the Corellium Virtual Hardware platform to deliver new security services and support future end-customer projects.