Corellium CoreSight Tracing Demo

Join Corellium for a CoreSight Tracing demo. Explore capabilities that provide insightful analysis on program flow/coverage, system calls, and more for user space processes.
Corellium CoreSight Tracing Demo

A powerful tool for analyzing user space processes

This video demonstrates CoreSight Tracing of a user-space process on Corellium using GlitchChat, our example vulnerable messaging application. By enabling CoreSight Tracing, you gain detailed insights into how the program executes with block-level program flow, including interspersed system calls with arguments and return values.

CoreSight Tracing offers insightful analysis while minimally impacting runtime performance by deferring to a post-processing step. This provides an in-depth look at an application’s behavior without rendering it unusable during tracing.

The Corellium Virtual Hardware platform provides never-before-possible security vulnerability research for iOS and Android phones. Are you interested in learning more? See all our mobile security research capabilities.

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