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A statement from Amanda Gorton, CEO of Corellium, regarding Apple lawsuit

Media RoomNovember 2019

In an effort, we believe, to stifle innovation and the freedom of mobile developers, Apple has filed a complaint against Corellium, claiming our company infringed on its copyrighted works. This comes as a surprise to our team, given our long-standing relationship with Apple. Apple has been aware of our ground-breaking technology since the company was founded, and at any point in the past two years, Apple could have notified us of their concerns. We think Apple’s lawsuit is driven by its own business interests rather than a genuine belief that we violated any of its rights.

As a leader in the advancement of cybersecurity solutions, we’re especially disappointed that Apple is choosing to sue us rather than embrace our efforts, given their challenges in this space.

We founded Corellium to equip the mobile community with the scalable, efficient, and innovative tools they need to push the mobile ecosystem forward. By combining the fidelity of native architecture with the advantages of a virtual resource, our pioneering platform empowers security experts, software developers, and mobile testers to do their work better than they ever could before – whether that’s testing an app, conducting a training, or working for our national defense.

We’re proud of the transformative technology we’ve developed and the product we provide our peers in the mobile engineering community, and we appreciate their strong showing of support. We’re proud of the work our customers are doing to deliver a better, safer experience to end users. That’s why we are prepared to strongly defend our ability to continue to provide this important, revolutionary technology, and to continue to enable our customers to do amazing work.

We are changing the way mobile development is done. We are pushing technology to the next level. This should be celebrated, not shut down.

Link to Corellium’s Response to Apple’s Claims: http://bit.ly/36P6Ek6

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