A brief look at the new Corellium

A brief look at the new Corellium

As Corellium evolves into the defacto solution for Mobile Security Research and expands its reach globally, we’ve been giving a lot of thought as to the direction and impact of our brand — what we value, how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

Being a hyper-technical company, we’ve historically seen our primary value as the quality of our engineering. However, good companies are greater than a single team; in great companies, every team works harmoniously to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

The mobile future is developing on Corellium

It’s the same with a brand. While there’s the execution side of a brand, your logo and colors and fonts, there’s also the underlying mechanics which are influenced by internal perceptions of the company throughout the various teams, as well as to our customers, board and public whom we serve.

Our brand is interesting. Tricky. Exciting. In our initial branding exercise when we came out of stealth mode, we focused on what our users and audience said about us. The one thing that stuck with us was a particular turn of phrase — they liked to say Corellium’s product "feels like magic".

Corellium platform using the Frida application

We couldn’t shake this feeling that there was something deep there, so we created a brand centered around the idea of "indistinguishable from magic", a quote from the three laws of science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. So, we modeled our brand after a concept of an extraordinarily powerful tool, a black box that solves your problems using cutting-edge technology.

While this has worked out well for us in general, there’s always been something gnawing at the back of our minds — a dichotomy between how we are perceived externally, and how we view ourselves.


In fact, if we were to think about it (which we did… a lot), our product is not some mystical thing — it’s an incredibly powerful utility or tool, closer metaphorically to a surgeon’s scalpel than a magician’s wand. We don’t intend to design Corellium to be a black box that somehow solves your problems, we design it to be a suite of tools to build, test and secure mobile IoT apps, firmware and hardware that impact our daily lives, through the power of virtualization. It has a clear purpose for businesses, agencies and security communities around the world — to strengthen security testing and streamline DevSecOps and help dramatically accelerate R&D.

So, to better reflect the inner voice of our product and people, we have been working on a new brand direction that builds off the groundbreaking technical aspects of our platform. Our new direction focuses on simplicity, purpose and function over flair; promoting concepts of structure, simplicity and precision throughout our experiences.

Over the coming months, our new branding will appear on all our products, services, collateral, and swag, to name a few of our brand touchpoints. Elements of our new brand will appear on our social media channels and we are currently working on building out our new website and product frontend.

Stay tuned!