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App Testing

Test your apps at scale on ARM in a convenient, low-cost virtual environment.

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Get real-world results.

Unlike x86-based emulators, CORSEC runs on Arm hardware to offer accuracy and precisely replicate the performance and behavior of real devices with the convenience of the cloud.

  • Full native performance, including animations and 3D graphics.
  • 10x faster than software-based emulators, at half the price.
  • Native support for sensors and inputs.
  • Screen-recording at native FPS.


Boost your testing capabilities.

Corellium’s robust APIs make it easy to automate your processes and integrate with your existing test frameworks. Automate your workflow with our API:

  • Automate device creation and set hardware-specific features
  • Create device, upload files, install apps, run programs, etc.
  • Support for custom screen sizes in the UI


Discover our built-in tools.

Conveniently integrated tools let you analyze network traffic, explore system calls, load apps, and browse the filesystem.

  • Connect via XCode, Finder, or libimobile script,
  • Connect to Jailbroken iOS device via SSH
  • Connect to Android device via ADB, or from IDE

Device configuration features

  1. 01
    General features
  2. 02
    Configurable Sensors
    • Battery (Charge level, Health, Connection Type, Status)
    • Environment (Temperature, Light, Pressure, Humidity)
    • Location (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Time Offset)
    • Motion and Position (Acceleration, Gyroscope, Magnetic, Orientation)

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