Integrating with Flank

Set up a Corellium virtual device with Flank to automate your tests.

Setup your environment

Start by downloading the latest Flank distributable - it has the latest Corellium integration - and pass in your authorization details.

Run your own configuration

Create a custom config file that specifies APKs, test targets, test shards and more. Executing that config will run a series of operations including calculating time-efficient sharing, preparing virtual devices, running tests and generating a report.

Generate reports

The process during its runtime is printing detailed information about execution steps to console log. The successful run should generate many files, including a raw report, failed tests, log files, shard configs and more.

Start integrating with Flank

Start integrating with Flank

The Flank team have written some great documentation around how to run mobile tests in parallel on virtual devices, driven by the Corellium backend.