IntegrationsCharles Proxy

Integrating with Charles Proxy

Set up a Corellium virtual device with the popular proxy tool, Charles Proxy.

Setup your VPN

The first thing you'll need to do is confirm the VPN address assigned to your local machine and the port that Charles is listening on. To confirm the VPN address, run ifconfig in Terminal after you have connected to VPN and check the output for the VPN address. To verify the port, select the Settings icon in Charles, then Proxy Settings.

Configure your device

Next, on the virtual device, select the Settings icon, and then select "WiFi." You'll then be connected to the Corellium Network. Click the “i” button, and scroll down to “Configure Proxy.” Select "Manual." Next, enter the VPN address and the default port. Then select "Save."

Start monitoring

You will likely receive a prompt from Charles notifying you of a connection attempt. Go ahead and select "Allow." To validate we are intercepting traffic, you can perform a quick web search.

Using Charles Proxy with Corellium

Let's walk through how easy it is to set up Charles Proxy with your virtual Corellium device.