GuidesHow to Debug and Testing Android Apps

How to Debug and Testing Android Apps

Let's debug an Android app!

Installing an APK file.

  • set up your virtual device
  • click on the Apps tab and use the Install button to load your APK file

See what a program does to the system

  • if your program is just a command-line executable, use the Files tab to open file browser and install it somewhere on the filesystem, then use the Console (type su for root privileges) to make it executable. Otherwise, the app should show up in the app list and you can use the Launch button to start it; you should also see it in the Launcher.
  • use CoreTrace to capture system calls made by your program

Debug the app

  • you should be able to attach to your app's process in the Frida tab
  • if you want to use Android debug tools, connect to the VPN
  • after your VPN is working, you can connect to the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) - see Connect tab

Automatically install and run your app

  • download the Corellium node.js API:
  • read the README file for more useful tools (for instance checking if app is already installed and uninstalling it, as well as retrieving log files - if your app writes one)