GuidesConnecting to the Corellium VPN

Connecting to the Corellium VPN

In Corellium's cloud environment, you will need to connect to VPN before you can connect to your virtual devices.

To connect to VPN, you will need to have a VPN client installed. If you don't already have a VPN client, we recommend Viscosity. The VPN software must support TAP mode. Once your VPN client is installed, you can simply download the OpenVPN configuration file from the Connect tab and install it to configure your VPN.

Important Notes

  • VPN will only establish connection if you have at least one device in your project that is in the ON state. If all your devices are Off, or if you have no devices, the VPN will not establish connection.
  • Currently, Tunnelblick is not supported for TAP VPNs on Big Sur. If you are a Mac user on Big Sur, you will need to use Viscosity.
  • If you are on an Individual Account, you only need to establish one VPN connection to your account, and that connection will work for all devices.
  • Running other VPNs may interfere with your Corellium VPN connection. If you are having trouble connecting to the Corellium VPN and are already running your own VPN, you may need to disable the other VPN and then reconnect to the Corellium VPN.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you're having trouble connecting, try re-installing your VPN Profile.
  • Make sure you're connecting to the right profile for your project, and that at least one device in your project is On.
  • Close any other VPNs.
  • Check that your network doesn't have a firewall preventing your connection. Learn more about configuring Windows Defender Firewall.