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Snapshots and Cloning

Save valuable setup time by instantly returning to a previously saved state or creating clones to run multiple tests from the exact same starting environment.

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Save the device state. Restore it later.

Snapshots gives you the ability to save the state of a device, then restore or clone snapshots at a moment’s notice.

Freshly restored

Freshly restored

Every virtual device automatically captures a new snapshot right after the initial creation, providing a quick and easy way to revert back to that fresh image.

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Save, restore and clone snapshots

Save, restore and clone snapshots

For each virtual device you create on Corellium, you can take up to 4 snapshots in addition to the Freshly Restored snapshot. Then, you can restore, delete or clone Snapshots as needed!

Corellium platform Snapshots cloning and restoring modal

Perfect for bug testing

Perfect for bug testing

In comparison to recreating a test environment on a real device, Snapshots can significantly reduce time to reproduce bugs or repeat tests. In general, it takes about 2 minutes or less to create or clone a snapshot for any device model.

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Designed for speed

Recently, we took a poll of pen-testers and security researchers, and 72% reported that without Corellium, they typically spent 1 hour or more setting up their environment prior to beginning their actual work. Some factors that impacted this setup time included locating the appropriate device, restoring or setting up the device, implementing a reliable jailbreak, and integrating various security tools.