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Device Sensors

Test devices in real world conditions by configuring a wide variety of environmental sensors and controls.

Corellium platform Peripherals section

Interface with the outside world

Configure your battery, location, motion, biometrics and more.



Everyone knows the feeling of being out and about and keeping an eye on your battery level. Slightly less well known is that smartphones often keep track of this too, and change behavior when the battery gets too low, or when the phone is plugged in.

Test how your apps work under varying conditions

Plug or unplug a virtual power cord

Modify the battery health and charge level

Corellium platform device battery panel



Corellium’s webcam and microphone passthrough features work via the webcam on your own computer, accessed entirely through your browser. Your webcam's video stream will be seamlessly relayed to the virtual device as if it were its own.

Scan QR codes, take photos, or record live video

Take audio memos or record podcasts

Combine it with video streaming and make an entire video call

No complicated software or fiddly setups required

Corellium platform device camera panel



We’ve added new realism to our virtual devices with an array of new environmental sensors. While you can't hold a cloud device in your hands, you can still make the device behave as if you can.

Configure the environmental light

Configure the environmental pressure

Configure the temperature and humidity

Corellium platform device environmental sensors panel



Corellium’s Android devices support GPS, allowing you to go beyond the cloud and configure where your device is situated.

Modify the GPS time offset and altitude settings

Add country-specific settings

Track your location as you “move” from A to B

Corellium platform device location panel

Motion and Position

Motion and Position

Simulate your device in motion as it moves around the virtual world.

Configure the accelerometer

Configure the gyroscope

Configure the magnetic sensor

Configure the device orientation

Corellium platform device motion and position panel



For all physical iOS device models that offer TouchID or FaceID input, Corellium’s virtual models allow developers to set those biometrics readings to automatically pass or fail. So if you need to test an app that uses biometric authentication, you can test both when authentication passes and when it fails.

Corellium platform device biometrics panel