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Corellium’s Apps tool lists all virtual device applications or packages.

Corellium Apps tool

There’s an app for that

View, install and manage apps on your device.

Own your apps

For each app, view the name, date installed, type (System or User), and size of the file. You can also launch, kill or even uninstall some apps.

Install APKs on Android

Installing apps on Android devices is as simple as uploading your APK file. Once it’s installed, the app will appear in the list of Apps, as well as on the virtual device screen.

Install IPAs on iOS

Corellium can install properly-signed apps on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken by loading them just as you would on a physical device.

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Installing apps with OpenGApps

As part of Corellium's Android devices, we have included a streamlined way to download and install the latest stable pico OpenGApps files onto your device, which we have tested for the relevant Android version.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about virtual iOS devices.

Corellium does not support logging into an iCloud account or downloading apps from the App Store.

Due to lack of GPU (Metal) support, certain applications are not able to launch. This includes the native Maps, Watch, and Find My Friends apps. In addition, this will cause certain elements of the UI to render improperly. For example, components of the Notes and Reminders apps will not appear, and the background of the multi-tasking view may go blank.

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