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Product Manager

Remote • 01 Dec 2021 • Product



We’re on the lookout for a Product Manager to join the Corellium Product and Design team. It’s a full-time, remote role, focused on helping us create a clear product roadmap by identifying customer needs, balancing them with our company objectives and synthesizing insights. The goal is to assist the Product team in delivering exceptional experiences for our users by driving the underlying strategy behind what we design and build, and to ensure our products achieve successful outcomes consistently.

It's incredibly important to us that the software we build empowers our customers to achieve their goals. We need your help to understand what our customers need and want, what frustrates them, and how we can deliver value above and beyond their expectations.


You will inform the product planning process by performing both primary and secondary research. You'll gather data from a variety of sources, including customer interviews, in-app customer feedback, and product analytics.

You will also perform market research and actively monitor the wider ecosystem of adjacent and competitive offerings. You'll explore opportunities for us to differentiate our product and improve on what's out there. You'll then organize, analyze, and synthesize this information to develop robust competitive analyses.

You will work with the wider team on incorporating these insights to prioritize new feature ideas and product requirements according to high-level business goals. Moreover, you'll implement and maintain standardized, reproducible processes for product management work, such as collecting user feedback, prioritization, and gauging success.

You'll succeed in this role if you have extensive experience with software product management in the B2B space. You should be meticulous and detail-oriented and have strong collaboration and communication skills. While an engineering background isn't required, it's important that you have a solid background in technology so you can understand the product itself, our market, and the ecosystem.


  • Product research and user research, such as customer interviews, in-app customer feedback, and product analytics.
  • Help Customer Support trace user problems back to the underlying issue and identify what users actually want to solve, not just what they initially report. Help identify optimal solution(s) and incorporate those solutions into the product roadmap at the appropriate priority-level.
  • Market research and competitive analysis.
  • Using insights from your product and market research, identify high-value ways to improve the product, and identify opportunities that aren't worth investing time in.
  • Document thoughtful user stories for new features, carefully articulating requirements based on user insights. Communicate and document any likely implementation challenges for a particular feature or solution.
  • Contribute to product planning, roadmap development and product launches.
  • Help prioritize new partnership and development opportunities by comparing key drivers and value opportunities.
  • Contribute to improvement of documentation standards and product planning processes.


While this is a fully remote role, you should be based in Australia or the United States to work effectively with the Product team’s hours.

At Corellium, we create virtual models of mobile phones and other Arm-based smart devices to eliminate barriers to testing and development. Our goal is to ensure engineers are well-equipped to research, work, and test on Arm-based technologies — whether that's testing a mobile banking app at scale, creating software for a new smart car, or looking for security flaws in the latest router firmware.

We're a fully-remote team with headquarters in South Florida.

The problem with the current ecosystem is that physical devices don't scale and emulators don’t provide a true native experience. The solution: virtual devices. We create virtual models of Arm-based devices and run them on Arm servers, combining the fidelity of a real device with the convenience and scale of the cloud.

These devices run on top of our proprietary custom hypervisor, purpose-built to model complex peripherals and chipsets. From rapid hardware prototyping to advanced security testing, our groundbreaking platform accelerates development work on Arm technologies.

  • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock package
  • Work with top-tier engineering team and state of the art technology
  • Completely remote, work from home
  • Flexible hours and strong emphasis on work-life balance
  • Budget for remote office setup, wellness, and sponsored learning and development

As a fully remote team, we rely on a lot of tools to make asynchronous work efficient. Some of our favourites at the moment include Jira, GitHub, Slack, Linear, Zoom, Notion and ProductBoard.

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