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Senior Testing Engineer

Remote • 14 Oct 2021 • Engineering



Reliability is key to a delightful user experience – and that means rigorous testing. That’s why we need you, an exceptional, experienced test engineer who is passionate about delivering outstanding, bug-free experiences to end users and who knows how to thoroughly test software from all angles. You'll have the opportunity to design, implement, and maintain various types of manual and automated tests to ensure the products we release are of the absolute highest quality.

You'll be successful in this role if you're a meticulous engineer with at least five years of experience in software testing, including both manual testing and test automation. Because our software is a SaaS, browser-based product that provides virtual mobile devices, you'll be well served if you have some experience with cross-browser testing and mobile testing. You should have solid programming skills, and you should be comfortable with Git, Node.js, bash, Jira, and Jenkins. You should also be familiar with test automation tools like Selenium and Appium. You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, phenomenal organizational skills, and rigorous attention to detail. You should be an autonomous, sharply analytical self-starter who is able to work remotely and deliver consistent results without micromanagement.


  • Manual Testing: Design test plans and perform manual static testing. Review requirements, specifications, user documentation, help files, and other project documentation to assure quality of the products and tests to be developed.
  • Acceptance Tests: Work with the product team to understand upcoming features and designing acceptance tests for them.
  • CI/CD: Maintain and manage our CI/CD system. Ensure the infrastructure remains operational for regular daily test runs. Improve the reliability and efficiency of the existing system.
  • Tools: Select and develop appropriate test automation tools, applying the latest techniques in test automation; e.g., data-driven testing.
  • Automated Testing: Identify tests that would most benefit from automation, and develop, implement, and maintain automated test suites for our products. Automate acceptance test cases.
  • Release Testing: Work with the engineering team to ensure features are working as designed and bugs are fixed.
  • Tracking and Reports: Research and document bug reports in Jira on discovery of a quality problem. Update test execution status following agreed-upon processes as part of regularly-scheduled test status updates. Coordinate with Customer Support team to validate and track reported bugs. Identify and track metrics for code quality improvement.
  • Other testing as may be applicable, such as load testing, performance testing, and stress testing.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a similar field.
  • At least 5 years of experience working as a test or QA engineer, including both manual and automated testing
  • Detailed knowledge of application functions, bug fixing, and testing protocols.
  • Solid programming skills, including automation systems and databases.
  • Highly proficient with Git, Node.js, Bash, and Jenkins
  • Highly proficient with test automation tools, such as Selenium or Appium
  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Rigorous attention to detail.
  • Nice to have: experience with cross-browser testing, mobile testing, load testing, performance testing, stress testing


Most of our team is United States business hours, so strong preference will be given to candidates in those time zones. However, if you’re somewhere else and you’re a great communicator and asynchronous worker, don’t be shy!

At Corellium, we create virtual models of mobile phones and other Arm-based smart devices to eliminate barriers to testing and development. Our goal is to ensure engineers are well-equipped to research, work, and test on Arm-based technologies — whether that's testing a mobile banking app at scale, creating software for a new smart car, or looking for security flaws in the latest router firmware.

We're a fully-remote team with headquarters in South Florida.

The problem with the current ecosystem is that physical devices don't scale and emulators don’t provide a true native experience. The solution: virtual devices. We create virtual models of Arm-based devices and run them on Arm servers, combining the fidelity of a real device with the convenience and scale of the cloud.

These devices run on top of our proprietary custom hypervisor, purpose-built to model complex peripherals and chipsets. From rapid hardware prototyping to advanced security testing, our groundbreaking platform accelerates development work on Arm technologies.

  • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock package
  • Work with top-tier engineering team and state of the art technology
  • Completely remote, work from home
  • Flexible hours and strong emphasis on work-life balance
  • Budget for remote office setup, wellness, and sponsored learning and development

As a fully remote team, we rely on a lot of tools to make asynchronous work efficient. Some of our favourites at the moment include Jira, GitHub, Slack, Linear, Zoom, Notion and ProductBoard.

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