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Usage-Based Billing

DemoJanuary 2021

In this video, we're taking a look at the new usage-based subscription model for CORSEC, our advanced Security Research platform.

In today's agile work environment, it's critical to not only service your internal teams and customers at a moment's notice, but also to remain conscious of company financials. Security teams must perform a wide range of testing across various models and OS versions to ensure their product is ready to meet the real-world security needs of end users. Historically, this has required a substantial investment in purchasing physical test devices, and even with that upfront cost, a particular device may not always be available when a team member needs it.

However, with Corellium's usage-based billing model, you can spin up the device you need right when you need it, and only be charged for the time you use. This enables your team to flexibly adapt your resource demands on demand, while still maintaining the accuracy and convenience of testing on real ARM hardware.

In this video, you'll see that we have 4 virtual devices -- 3 of which are On, and 1 of which is Stored. When we go to manage our subscription, we can quickly check the usage rates and charges for the various devices we've created.

Active devices, or devices that are in the "On" state, cost just $0.25/hour/core. Most devices use two cores, for a total of $0.50/hour per device -- compared to other companies that may charge up to $.05/min ($3/hour) and don't even run on ARM. Some newer iOS models require six cores, for a total of $1.50/hour per device. Each core is a dedicated core, not a virtual core, so you get full, fast performance.

You can also turn devices off and keep them in a Stored state for just $0.25/day. When you’re ready to run more tests on that configuration, it's as simple as turning the device back on.

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