February 17, 2021
8 min read

Introduction to Snapshots

With Corellium's snapshot feature, you can save valuable setup time by instantly returning to a previously saved state or creating clones to run multiple tests from the exact same starting environment.


As the saying goes, time is money. Our mission is to provide security-focused individuals with powerful tools to develop, test, and research on Arm devices in a more cost-efficient and less time-consuming way. And whether you’re performing penetration tests, evaluating forensics research, or running a group training, having the ability to save the state of a device and restore or clone that image at a moment’s notice will undoubtedly save you valuable setup time.

Recently, we took a poll of pen-testers and security researchers, and 72% reported that without Corellium, they typically spent 1 hour or more setting up their environment prior to beginning their actual work. Some factors that impacted this setup time included locating the appropriate device, restoring or setting up the device, implementing a reliable jailbreak, and integrating various security tools.

Fortunately, Corellium’s snapshot feature can help eliminate many of these obstacles that cause you headaches with deadlines fast approaching.

In the example you’re seeing here, we've taken the time to set up a device for testing, and now we want to ensure we can revisit this exact state at a later time. To do this, we're going to take a snapshot.

You’ll notice that there is a “Freshly Restored” snapshot already in the snapshots drop-down menu. This initial snapshot is automatically captured right after the initial device creation, so it provides a quick and easy way to revert back to that fresh image.

It’s important to call out that for each virtual device you create on Corellium, you’re allowed to take up to 4 snapshots in addition to the Freshly Restored snapshot. These can be deleted as your work progresses, and new snapshots can be taken.

In general, it takes about 2 minutes or less to create a snapshot for any device model. Compared to recreating a test environment on a real device, this can significantly reduce time to reproduce bugs or repeat tests. On iOS-based devices, snapshots can be taken "live" while the device is running. However, on Android devices, snapshots can only be taken when the device is off.

Once you take a snapshot, you can Restore a device to that snapshot at any time, simply by clicking the “Restore” button on that snapshot. A snapshot can also be Cloned into a new device. Keep in mind that cloning will consume additional resources.

It’s no secret that the mobile environment is constantly evolving, and those focused on security are consistently challenged in new ways. Let Corellium help you save time, work smarter, and save money with faster, more efficient ways to do your work.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn about Snapshots. Sign up here to see how this feature and more can help improve the efficiency of your work.

Happy Virtualizing!


Amanda Gorton