January 06, 2021
8 min read

Network Monitor: Easy Traffic Inspection

Get a quick introduction to the basics of using the Corellium Network Monitor to easily inspect device traffic.


In this demo video, we give a quick look at how to use Corellium’s Network Monitoring feature. The Network Monitor captures and presents HTTP and HTTPS network traffic while transparently defeating certificate pinning.

To start capturing network traffic, we simply click Start Monitoring. This will capture all network traffic for native files, as well as applications. We demonstrate this using a quick web search with google.com. You'll notice that the packets will begin to populate in the window.

When you click a captured packet, you’ll receive even more detailed information. 

  • The Overview tab provides high-level information regarding the method, url and content-type. 
  • The Request tab returns information regarding the user-agent, the body of the request and even the query sting.
  • The Response tab contains the same information as the Request tab, but for the response of the request. 

To stop capturing network traffic, simply click Stop Monitoring.


Amanda Gorton