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Announcing Support for iOS on Individual Cloud Accounts

Media RoomJanuary 2021

We’re very excited to announce that virtual iOS-based devices are now available for individual accounts on our groundbreaking security research platform, CORSEC.

While we have previously supported virtual iPhone and iPad devices for Enterprise accounts, our Individual accounts only offered virtual Android devices. Now, both individuals and enterprises can virtualize both iOS and Android device models.

One of the questions we faced in introducing iOS-based device models to individual accounts was how to keep pricing straightforward. While our virtual Android devices use 2 CPU cores by default, iOS devices can require up to 6 CPU cores, depending on the model. As a result, we could no longer offer a single price per virtual device. Instead, individual subscriptions will now follow the same pricing structure as enterprise accounts, with prices per CPU core. Customers will see prices remain the same for individual subscriptions, but prices will now be listed per core rather than per device.

With our monthly subscription model, you are allotted a certain number of CPU cores, and you can run as many virtual devices as that number of CPUs will permit at a time. For instance, if you have a 12-core account, you can spin up two virtual Phone 11’s for your first test run, then you could turn those off for storage and create six iPhone 7’s for the next test. For every two active CPU cores allotted to your account, you can store up to five devices in an Off state.

With our usage-based model, you can run as many virtual devices as you want at a time, and you will be charged a flat rate per core per hour. This means 6-core models will be more expensive to run per hour than 2-core models. Stored devices are charged per device (not per core), and they are charged per day rather than per hour.

One of the other considerations we faced in introducing iOS-based devices for individual accounts is continuing our efforts to limit the use of our software for malicious purposes. We have always vetted our customers, and we have not only declined sales, but also revoked customer accounts for violating our terms. In this regard, we wanted to ensure we would be able to use the same vetting process for individuals that we already use for enterprises. To that end, both individuals and enterprises will now be required to request an account, which will be subject to our internal vetting and approval process. Both individuals and enterprises will be required to provide a use case, and users will be asked to enter credit card information prior to accessing the free trial to assist in location and identity verification.



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